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4 Factors to Determine Top Quality Triple Watch Winder

ilustrasi watch winder

Looking for a top-quality triple watch winder makes you have to consider several factors. Considering them will help you make the best watch winder purchase.


Winding the automatic watch might be the main function of a watch winder but many people choose to buy this equipment because of its cosmetic purpose, as well. The winder will make your watch look good when it is displayed on the shelf. That is why when shopping for a watch winder, you need to consider its craftsmanship to ensure its longevity and durability.

High-Quality Wood

Wood becomes the most common material used for making watch winders. Paying attention to the materials will be very important to find the best triple watch winder with storage. If it is made of wood, the wood must be high grade and good quality. Premium grade aged oak wood is an excellent example of high-quality wood for a watch winder. The wood is properly dried to trap the moisture so it will not crack easily.


If you are an automatic watch collector, you will have several watches with various specifications. Every watch might have different sizes and requirements. You have to make sure that the triple watch winder can work with every watch in your collection. It must be able to wind most watches in your collection. A programmable watch winder will make sure that it is compatible with your timepiece.


You cannot ignore the cost when buying this equipment, for sure. It is a crucial factor to consider especially since you might have a limited budget to buy a watch winder. However, you need to be careful when choosing a cheap triple watch winder because the materials might not be the best. It might mean bigger spending in the long term because it will not last long and can over-stress your timepiece mechanism.

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