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Various Zinc Dust Uses

Zinc dust

Zinc dust uses – zinc dust is a zinc material in the form of powder. Zinc itself is really helpful for preventing corrosion. Zinc dust comes in small particles of zinc generated from the process of the substance. It has beneficial properties, including high electrical conductivity and the ability to involve chemical reactions well. Below are the various uses of zinc dust.

Paint and Coating

One of the main uses of zinc dust is in the paint and coating industry. This element is frequently used as an anti-corrosive material in primary paints to protect metal surfaces against damages due to corrosion. Its ability to form a protective layer on metal surfaces makes it an essential component in increasing the life span of metal products.


Zinc dust is also the key to the galvanisation process. It’s used to coat ferrous metal to prevent corrosion. Zinc dust is also used to create a zinc alloy applied to metal products through a galvanisation process, providing additional protection against corrosion.

Electronics and Batteries

The next use of zinc dust is in the electronica and battery industry. In technology, zinc dust is involved in the making of batteries. Because of its high electrical conductivity, this element can help to improve the battery performance. Moreover, the use of zinc dust can also be found in a variety of electronics applications.

Metal Processing

Zinc dust also plays an important role in the metal processing industry. The process of separating zinc from its ore involves the use of zinc dust to help isolate zinc for use in various industrial applications.

Cosmetic and Skincare Products

Besides for industrial applications, the cosmetic and skincare industry also use zinc dust. This material is mostly used for the production of sunscreen as it’s helpful for protecting the skin from the UVA UVB rays. But the safe amount of zinc dust in skincare products should be no more than 25% to avoid any unwanted side effects. This is ruled by both the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS).

Some ointments for rash treatment also use zinc dust in their formula because it’s good for treating redness. Note that people with sensitive skin should talk with a doctor or dermatologist first before using a product containing zinc dust.

In the modern industry, zinc dust plays an irreplaceable role in protecting metal against corrosion. Those are the various zinc dust uses in various industries.

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